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Welcome to Gaza

Become a meta-tourist on an excursion through the city of Gaza while walking through the streets of Tel Aviv. The double-sided map serves as your tour guide. You Are Not Here tries to expose the contrasts and the similarities between two cities. Though geographically close, Gaza City and Tel Aviv are both emotionally and politically detached from one another. This is something we want to address through YANH, and offer, perhaps, an interwoven urban experience.

Placing the two maps one on top of the other echoes the Situationist act of wandering, undermining the foundations of both cities and the repressed connections between them. Streets and regions in the city are charged with unknown meanings, and are revealed to the walkers through the map of the corresponding city, by means of cellular communication and resignification of the monument.

While strolling along the Dizengoff-Kaplan thoroughfare, for example, you may visit the Palestinian Parliament or the monument to the Unknown Soldier; the Ramat Israel neighborhood in eastern Tel Aviv is revealed to visitors through the Great Mosque and marketplaces of Gaza.

It was important for us to provide a personal voice that would make a sincere use of this stage and introduce the everyday life of Gaza inside the streets of Tel Aviv. We turned to Laila El Haddad after reading her touching blog ‘Raising Yousuf, Unplugged: diary of a Palestinian Mother.’ Happily, Laila loved the idea and through her we all get to experience this exceptional visit to Gaza.

-Thomas Duc, Lalia El-Haddad, Kati London, Dan Phiffer and Mushon Zer-Aviv*

*Project in collaboration with Block Magazine