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Welcome to Gaza

By holding the double-sided map up to the light, you can find your way through Gaza in Tel-Aviv by locating the You Are Not Here signs in the street, walls or other corresponding locations in Tel Aviv. These signs indicate that you have arrived at an important tourist destination in Gaza City.

The YANH street-signs provide the telephone number for The Tourist Hotline: 03-915-0880. Enter the site-specific access code following the general Tourist Hotline for a
guided audio tour of that destination by Gaza resident and blogger, Laila El-Haddad.

1. Hold the map towards the sun to find your desired destination.
2. Find the You Are Not Here signs on the street in Tel Aviv.
3. Call the tourist hotline indicated on the signs.
4. Enter the site-specific code from the sign to listen to the audio tour.
5. Enjoy your visit.
Explore the following Gaza attractions:

Arts & Crafts Village
Islamic University
Rashad Shawa Cultural Center
Palestinian Parliament
Park of the Unknown Soldier
Palestine Stadium
Kathem’s ice cream parlor
Akeela’s Restaurant
The Shifa Taxi Station
Qattan Center for the Child
Hammam es-Samara
Souk al-Zawya
Al Qissariya Market
Qassr Al Basha (Napoleon’s Castle)
The Great Omari Mosque
Camp Beach

Call the Gaza Tourist Hotline: 03-915-0880